X Factor Yacht off St Tropez

The ITV Television Programme X Factor shown recently had our telephones ringing off the hook.  Had we seen the super yacht?  What did she cost to buy how much does she cost to run and of course who owns her.
The yacht had been the host to X Factor judge Louis Walsh who was hosting a boy band called Boys Category
None of the tabloid media who frequently use our insider knowledge asked about the name of the yacht, the yard she was built in or even how long she was.
Such is the celebrity culture.  But for those who seek to know the answers we can reveal (a tabloid word) that the yacht was the 60 metre yacht Andreas L.
She was named in loving memory after Andreas Liveras a leading figure in the super yacht industry whose life was cut tragically short in the Mumbai Massacre
The yacht was built in 2008 by the Benetti shipyard in Livorno Italy.  Her Redman Whieley Dixon interior can accommodate 12 guests and she typically carries a crew of around 15.
She can be chartered for around €300,000 per week.
As for how much she costs or who owns her we have the same answer we give to the tabloids.  “We are not allowed to reveal such information”
So if you want to know who owns her or what she cost, read the tabloids, they make it up anyway!