La Digue Island

La Digue Island is a steep granite island lying just 7km from Praslin. Named after one of two vessels in a French expedition from Mauritius to explore them in 1768, it is the fourth largest island in the Seychelles after Mahe, Praslin and Silhouette. It has a land area of more than ten square kilometres.
The island welcomes the majority of its visitors off the catamaran ferry, which docks at the quaint jetty at La Passe.
From here the main mode of transport is the bicycle but the traditional oxcart is also still very much part of the scene and associated with a certain art of living.
A popular, unspoilt destination for people wishing for a taste of the traditional Seychelles, nowhere else is the water more limpid or the sand so white.
Its western beach of Anse Source D’Argent is among the most photographed beaches in the world and it is easy to see why, the almost pink coloured granite boulders seem to have been sculpted by a divine hand to adorn this beach with breath taking beauty.
La Digue is both calm and serene and is an island where time passes very peacefully.
Top Tip Be sure to visit L’Union estate, situated between La Passe and Anse Source D’Argent on the west coast.  There you will have the chance to discover just some of the traditional industries of the past such as vanilla farming and curing as well as witnessing the production of copra and coconut oil.
The nearby yard of the local boat-building industry also deserves a visit.

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