Navigation Charts as Wall Hangings

From a gently shelving Dorset coastline, to the busy shipping lanes of the Western Approaches or the rocky outcrops of the Hebrides, navigating tidal waters always presents a challenge.

To look at a navigation chart of the coast is to understand and inspire – and a reminder of great memories. 

Now Chart Art allows you to have your favourite chart on the wall in a size that suits your home.

A treat for yourself, or a gift for a special friend, it also makes a great gift for those ever-tricky-to-buy-for men and boys. No home will be complete without one.

It is all the idea of International Yachting Photographer Rick Tomlinson. Charts are printed on high quality canvas, stretched over a solid wooden box frame, ready to hang. 

The canvas’s are produced under license to reproduce navigation charts on canvas and tableware.

Tableware chart designs of the Solent and the Irish Sea are available from Living by the Seaside

Price includes UK delivery:

  • 12” x 18” Canvas £ 99.00
  • 16” x 20” Canvas £125.00
  • 20” x 30” Canvas £159.00
  • 30” x 40” Canvas £225.00
  • 40” x 60” Canvas £325.00

Custom sizes and crops available


  1. Love charts. I grew up surrounded by them and using them.

    If I wanted to put one up on the wall (I might), I think I would just buy one and have it framed. Marginally cheaper!

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