In Seabed Test, Manson Boss Anchor Sets Faster With More Holding Power

Made in New Zealand Manson Anchors use Lloyd’s Register approved welders and fabricating in approved mill steel. They feature a Shackle Preventor, which quickly changes the anchor from a fixed shank anchor into a sliding shank for safe and easy anchoring in rocks and coral. A high tensile steel shank is specially-designed to fit into tricky through rollers on launches.

The company recently completed seabed testing on its Boss anchor and the achieved results that even surprised the company’s testing team.  Their 16 kilo Boss 2 held 4200kg  – and bent 5/8” shackles in the process.

Testing began with 12 metres of 5/16 chain and 3/8 shackles and a scope of 5:1 using a 90 ton tug boat.
Ned Wood, Manson Vice President of Sales and Marketing said, “We pulled up to 2000kg (4500lb) but bent all the shackles. We returned to the dock, went to a chandlery and bought 5/8 shackles and 60ft of half inch chain. Back out testing on the tug again, and pulling on the 35lb Manson Boss. This time testing had to stop at 4200kg because the 5/8 shackles were all bending.”

Watch this video about the technology behind Manson Boss anchors

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