Super Yacht Industry Must Unite

There are too many lobbying groups within the super yacht industry.  This was one of the viewpoints put forward at the 5th La Belle Classe Superyachts Business Symposium held recently in Monaco.
Many associations have been created so that large yacht professionals can organise their own sector of the business.
MYBA and more recently LYBRA, represents the brokers, SYBAss looks after the affairs of the superyacht builders, while the PYA & GEPY lobby on behalf of crew.
However, Alberto Spina of the Ferretti Group finds it regrettable that lobbying is so fragmented “We have to be heard as one voice!” he said
His view is shared by Tony Allen, whose law firm Hill Dickinson specialises in international yachting and is to open an office in Monaco next month: He said “The other big challenge is coping with new regulations (fiscal (VAT), social (MLC), commercial (LY3) etc.) – it is inevitable and it’s only the beginning as our industry grows. Lobbying is also indispensable. We need to make ourselves heard as one voice.”
Eric Althaus, Yachting Consultant confirms: “The keys to the future are here! If we do a thorough job, we can re-establish a situation of trust. Together we will be stronger, more professional.”

The conference whose title was Strength Lies in Unity! attracted some 
Over 45 professionals from across the Luxury Yachting supply chain who attended the dinner-debate to discuss the economic situation in the yachting world. The initiative was organised in collaboration with the yacht insurance group: Only Yacht.