Soak and Float in a Boat that is also a Hot Tub

Most sailors spend a great deal of effort keeping water out of their boat but it seems that two companies are rivalling each other in a bid to market a concept that does just the opposite.
Hot Tub Boats in Seattle Washington and the similar sounding HotTugs in Holland have both introduced Boats which float yet are filled with hot water meaning that you soak in a hot tub while going boating.
Both are said to be ideal for those seeking a carefree relaxing time on and in the water.  Because there is only the hull between you and the water, they make you feel at one with your surroundings but onlookers are frequently fooled into believing the tub is in fact just a regular boat that is so full of water that it is sinking.
In Holland they build the HotTugs a wood-fired hot tub that you can sail at the same time as you can soak in a warm bath of 2000 litres of water heated to a pleasant 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees F.) in a few hours.
Heat is generated by a watertight wood burning stove built into the boat that is itself ingeniously set underwater.
It is all the idea of Frank de Bruijn, a sailor who works on a barge in the port of Rotterdam. He has a soft spot for natural places, where campfires, open water swimming and meals in the open air are part of his everyday world.
On the other side of the Atlantic, Hot Tubs are marketing their 5 metre, 950 kilo boat whose 2.5 metre hot tub can accommodate six persons in comfort.  On this occasion the water is heated to 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) using a diesel fuel powered boiler.  The boat is powered by small joystick controlled electric motor.  It sells for around US$42,000.

Both boats can be fitted with extras such as stereo sound systems and beer coolers.  Sounds like the ideal super yacht toy to us!