Hanse Explorer introduces Yacht Carbon Offset

Hanse Explorer, the 48m ice-class expedition motor yacht currently cruising in Antarctica, now features carbon offsetting as an option for all its charter guests.

This means that clients can easily counteract the carbon footprint of their charter with equivalent emissions reductions from verified green energy projects.

Mark Buckingham charter agent for the yacht said: “Cruising the most remote and untamed corners of our planet, Hanse Explorer attracts an adventurous breed of charter client with a passion for experiencing untainted wilderness. Providing our charter guests with the opportunity to eliminate the carbon footprint of their charter is a perfect fit with her low-impact cruising philosophy.”

Mark Robinson, Managing Director of Yacht Carbon Offset said, “We are delighted that the Hanse Explorer team has introduced carbon offsetting and we look forward to providing our specialist service to those on board in the coming months.  With worldwide concern at the climate change sensitivity of polar ecosystems it’s great that visitors to these pristine destinations will now take practical measures to offset their own greenhouse gas impact – whilst enjoying a spectacular cruise. Thanks to all on board & ashore for their support”