Governor’s Cup Yachts Loaded and Ready for Return to Cape Town

Following a hugely successful Governor’s Cup Yacht Race, yachts are being loaded on to the RMS St Helena for its return to Cape Town.

Perhaps the most unique way to end any race, eight of the participating yachts, their crews and supporting friends and family enjoyed a five day relaxing cruise, filled with plenty of post race parties, from the extraordinary island of St Helena back to Cape Town, South Africa onboard one of the last operating Royal Mail Ships, the St Helena.
Commenting on the unique journey, the Governor’s Cup Principal Race Officer, Billy Leisegang said, “It certainly is quite a sight to see so many of the competing yachts stacked on to the RMS for the return journey to Cape Town!”
The Governor’s Cup Yacht Race is a bi-annual downwind 1,700 nautical mile ocean yacht race organised jointly by the St Helena Yacht Club and False Bay Yacht Club. This year’s race started from Simon’s Town, South Africa on Saturday 22nd December 2012 with 20 boats and over 90 crew and supporters taking part in this unusual race to the island of St Helena – one of the world’s most remote and extraordinary islands.
After a programme of activities which took place on St Helena, participating sailors and their yachts travelled from the island on the RMS St Helena, departing on 11th January 2013 and arriving back in to Cape Town on 16th January 2013.