Keep a Copy Inside the Heads of Every Yacht

Lets be truthful one of the places many people like to read a book in peace and quite is while using the heads.  The trouble is no one can afford to spend too long inside such a haven so the best book to have with you is one that you can dip in and out of.

Now I think I have found the perfect book and I think every heads on board every yacht ought to have its very own copy.
Its is a great fun read and what is more you can learn a few survival tips at the same time and every sailor knows at sea you need to be prepared for every eventuality.
Published by A & C Black Publishers Ltd part of the Bloomsbury Group and launched at the London Boat Show the book is called The Ultimate Survival Manual and it is sub titled 333 Skills That Will Get You Out Alive.
It is a brilliant and completely addictive book that is perfect for anyone with a yen to taste danger, enjoy the freedom of the outdoors, imagine risk, or even just have fun.
Less the Dangerous Book for Boys, it is more the Dangerous Book for Boys Who Never Grew Up. From potentially useful abilities like how, to put out a fire on board a yacht and if you are subsequently ship wrecked, how to assess a deserted island and how to craft a raft.  
It also details how to find water anywhere (even in a desert), how to treat shock, heatstroke and frostbite, build a shelter from branches and leaves, and fish with your shirt, to fascinating techniques that are unlikely ever to be needed like how to predict the weather from plants, survive a stampede or wildfire, swim through burning oil, jump from a moving train or cross a fast-moving river, this book details over 300 skills that seem absolutely essential to know whilst you’re reading the book.
It even details apocalyptic survival solutions in the event of a massive tsunami or nuclear accident, and, if all else fails, describes how to extract a natural painkiller from tree bark.
Written in a wry, humorous way, this book could be used as a practical guide, but will invariably have a lot of appeal to armchair adventurers as an entertaining reference.
It will make the perfect gift for sailors and overgrown kids of all ages.
Full colour throughout, it has photographs, illustrations, diagrams and lists, which make it ideal for opening at random to discover something interesting, as well as reading through from cover to cover.
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781408192511
Release Date: 14/03/2013
Genre: Sports & Leisure
Number of Pages: 256