Essential Dental Emergency Kit for Yachts Making Ocean Crossings.

According to the Chief Medical Officer for P&O Cruises, dental emergencies are the most common cause of evacuation at sea.
Now Captains of super yachts can use the same kit and avail them selves of the same shore side dental back up as cruise liners by using Dental Emergency Kits from Seadentist
They provide everything necessary to treat any dental emergency and can often save the need for a vessel to return to port when a dental emergency occurs on board.
Available as either an Ocean or Coastal Emergency Dental Kits they are the only kits on the market designed to be used at sea for any dental emergency, and are packed with the best and most effective medical and natural treatments.

The kits deal with anything from teething problems to major tooth problems including abscesses and fractured jaw.
Instruments in the kit are not single use and re-sterilisation is possible at sea and the cost of the kit includes 24/7 contact with a qualified (UK) dentist using telephone, e-mail and or Skype.

Full instructions and video demonstrations are included with the kit.
Yearly renewal packages include re-sterilisation of all instruments, replacement of used or out of date products and continued access to dental advice.
Free on-board training is provided to yachts buying either of the kits and accepting delivery in any port between Marseille and Genoa
Following the successful completion of the traing course Crew members will receive certification in treating dental emergencies at sea.


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