Yachting Pages’ free digital directories available to download

In 2010, five e-books had sales of 200,000 or more units

In 2011, that figure had increased to the point that 35 titles each had sales of more than 200,000.

This 600% year on year increase testifies to the different ways audiences purchase and consume their reading materials.

Keeping up with the booming world of digital and e-books has prompted Yachting Pages’ to make their digital directories available as a download. 
Yachting Pages a superyacht directory, has over 60,000 printed copies distributed worldwide.

The company understands Internet communications can falter at sea which is why they are now announcing three downloadable directories.
Yachting Pages’ three digital editions cover the Mediterranean, Europe, Africa and Middle East; the USA, the Americas and Caribbean; and Australasia, Asia Pacific and Far East.

Free electronic versions of each print directory can be downloaded from http://www.yachting-pages.com/content/digital-books.html

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