Dustless Hull Blasting System Watch the Video

A new eco-friendly process that removes paint, marine growth in 1/10th time of traditional methods has been introduced by MMLJ Manufacturing

The new Dustless Hull Blasting System  uses an environmentally inert combination of water and recycled bottled glass to remove paint and marine growth from boat bottoms without harming the gelcoat.

Dustless blasting uses a minimal amount of water (about 15% of a power washer consumption).

The inert combination delivered through a Dustless Blasting machine encapsulates the hull coating being removed, never giving it the opportunity to become airborne.

A simple plastic sheet underneath the boat will capture the abrasive and coating together for quick and easy disposal.

The MMLJ blasting machine is available in 1, 5, 8, 15 and 30 cubic foot configurations and includes the blast hose, nozzle and fill funnel.

An air compressor will also be needed and the size will depend on the size of the blaster.

Watch the video here