The Superyacht Annual Report – the industry’s most powerful media tool

The Superyacht Group has produced another in its comprehensive reports analyising of the state of the superyacht industry.
The Superyacht Annual Report concisely crystallises the performance of the past year through a combination of meticulously collated data and insightful articles.
The Report has built its reputation over the years on reliable research from impeccable sources. Among these is The Global Order Book, sourced from their own data records on
The report lists every yacht of 30m and over currently in build at shipyards all over the world, as well as a review of all super yachts launched in 2012.
The Global Order Book complements the live record digitally stored on and is perhaps the pre-eminent source of data for the industry.
A new feature for this year’s issue is an in-depth analysis of the world’s most prolific super yacht building countries.
In addition to evaluating the performance and prospects of individual yachtbuilding nations, each report is accompanied by the succinct and searching viewpoints of thought leaders from each country, answering provocative questions such as:
  • Why should an owner build in your country?
  • What are your predictions for your country in 2013?

The Superyacht Annual Report is a most influential and powerful media tool for the super yacht industry
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