Fraser Yachts to Employ Augmented Reality Marketing Concept

The latest in high tech marketing is something called augmented reality and it is about to be utilised by Fraser Yachts who are never far from the front in the super yacht marketing stakes
Augmented reality is a new technology that Patrick Coote at Fraser Yachts has been monitoring for some time.  He now believes it has some very relevant applications for the super yacht industry.  He told us: “In short, it allows our clients to use a mobile device  such as a phone or tablet to enhance what they are viewing, by adding information or video content.
The concept is not the easiest thing to explain so Fraser Yachts created a short video to summarise it.
View it here:
Fraser Yachts have also built augmented reality video content into their new charter catalogue and brokerage advertisements.
These will appear in the January 2013 editions of Boat International & Showboats magazine.
The image in the advertisement launches an augmented reality video that will explain how Fraser Yachts will be utilising this technology in 2013 and beyond.
And if you want to see what future possibilities the concept holds then view this second presentation