Window Blinds on Super Yachts are Often Overlooked

It is true, no one seems to takes the blindest bit of notice when it comes to the window coverings on a super yacht.

Look around a superyacht and admire it, read a review written by an expert and chances are, neither they in their review, nor you in your walk round will ever think to notice the window blinds.  Yet they are there and form an integral part of a yachts interior design.

Installing them is not always plain sailing however as Oceanair Marine Limited a supplier of blinds, shades, screens, and soft furnishings into the marine market recently found out.
During the design of the 71 metre superyacht Talisman C it became clear the owner wanted his blinds to be automatically controlled using Lutron Intelligent drive systems. However, prior to his making this request known much smaller non-Lutron motors had been specified, by the designers.
The challenge therefore was to fit these much larger motors and blinds into recesses originally designed for smaller motors.  In addition, the owner wanted multiple blinds installed into the same aperture, for example a venetian blind would be complemented by a roller blind. The owner felt this offered better control of light and helped create the right atmosphere whilst being able to maintain his privacy.
As Lutron approved specialists, Oceanair were particularly suited to overcoming the challenges of this project. Their design team worked alongside the yachtsH2 anterior designers and builders Proteksan-Turquoise.

Together they subtlety modified each blind aperture so that they discretely accommodated larger motors and hardware. Each motor was fitted with a specially designed gearbox, serving to increase motor torque, and in turn, it’s lifetime.
The team opted to substitute the original cassette roller blind for a more compact open roller blind, with the same end appearance, the Openshade is an easily adaptable custom solution best suited to places where installation area is limited.
Where there was a requirement for multiple blinds in the same aperture, Oceanair used an in-house designed proven hardware solution, stacking the blinds compactly, and in turn minimising the overall space taken up by the head boxes.
Jonny Horsfield, Director, H2 Yacht Design said, “Our client was delivered with an excellent level of service and support throughout the project, overcoming the inherent design challenges and developing a high quality product to suit the application. The whole process has run smoothly with the help of suppliers in-house team, and we are very happy with the integration of Oceanair and Lutron products.”


  1. I can honestly say that I am one of those people, I really don’t take notice. But after reading your article it made me realize. Thanks for this awesome post.

  2. I really agree, they often are overlooked. I love boats and attend the Southampton bot show every year. I ALWAYS look at the blinds maybe because that’s what I do for a living. ( I think its such a shame when a boat that costs millions is let down with bog standard plain blinds. I have installed Lutron products many times and for convenience and luxury, I believe remote controlled blinds are a must. Very interesting post.

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