Electro-Magnetic Propulsion System Set to Become a Super Yacht World First

It may sound like science fiction but there are plans afoot to build the worlds first superyacht powered by an Electro-magnetic Propulsion System.
Powered using diesel electrics new from Voith Germany, as part of their Voith Inline Propulsor System, the electric propellers will be driven by an integrated permanent magnetic (PM) synchronous ring motor.
Using diesel electric system should result in lower fuel consumptions, less pollution and a reduction of sound and vibration.
The 45 m semi displacement yacht will be built using Kevlar and Carbon.
The hull is completely thermo isolated for high energy efficiency. It will have solar panels and battery pack for the supply of electricity
Lithium Batteries will store electricity so that the yacht can continue to operate silently during the night
Builders KaiserWerft, Voith and Franck Muller Yacht Design are all working together to bring this futuristic design together.
Muller will be responsible for the interior design and will take delivery of the first yacht himself.