An Amphibious Boat With Track Drive

As space in marinas becomes ever more limited, fees are increasing, and dry stack system require significant infrastructures to be of any use, here is a concept that offers a revolutionary solution for the future of yachting.
Iguana Yachts have produced a high performance boat with tracks, giving it the ability to emerge from the water onto dry land, independently.
Now there is no need for marina berths or unwieldy trailers and owners can enjoy all the freedom offered by their boat’s amphibious capabilities.
Two rubber tracks and two motorised hydraulic arms are controlled using a smart command, it can be deployed in seconds or quickly folded away into the sides of the boat without compromising the vessel’s sleek lines.
An Iguana can climb an 11° variable slope, even on unstable ground, and can reach the speed of 7 km/h. With a ground pressure barely greater than a pedestrian, the vessel’s weight is distributed evenly on its tracks.
Wave piercing hulls lift for rapid planning, high cruising speeds (over 35 knots) even in choppy seas and the manufacturers predict that super yachts that need to ferry passengers from ship to right on shore will find this an attractive addition to the water toy arsenal.

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