Phil Friedman launches Yacht Build Advisor

Superyacht Industry veteran Phil Friedman, has launched a blog entitled Yacht Build Advisor to provides information and advice for buyers, owners and sellers of new yachts.

“With 30 some years in the marine industry, I’ve worked variously as a yacht designer, yacht builder, marine business manager, yacht surveyor, consultant, writer/editor, and industry educator,” says Friedman.

He adds, “So naturally, I’ve accumulated a significant “library” of real-world studies, anecdotes, and especially lessons learned.

“On Yacht Build Advisor, we’ll be sharing those, as well as expressing opinions based on hard-earned experience. Readers may not always agree with me, but I believe they will always find stimulating food for thought on the blog.”

The first blog discussed financial protections available for new-build buyers in both the US and overseas.

Future posts will deal with assessing the capabilities of a shipyard, dealing with designers and naval architects, maintaining control of a new-build project or purchase, and other discussions anticipated to be of significant value to any yachtsman who is considering buying a new yacht or having one built.


  1. phil friedman’s writing never disappoints. he always tells it like it is and in this ebook he gives you in a few pages more than i have seen in years of magazine articles. this is required reading for anyone serious about having a yacht built.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Paul. Other interested readers can get a FREE copy of Ten Golden Rules for Successful New Build Projects by emailing Phil@portroyalgroup,com. Simply put “eBook” on the subject line. Cheers!

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