Danish Royal Yacht Arrives in London

Her Danish Majesty’s Yacht Dannebrog has been sighted inbound up the River Thames bound for the West India Docks
Launched by Queen Alexandrine at Copenhagen in 1931, the yacht now serves as the official and private residence for Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, the Prince Consort, and members of the Royal Family when they are on official visits overseas and on summer cruises in Danish waters.

When at sea, the Royal Yacht also participates in surveillance and sea-rescue services.
Named after the flag of Denmark, Dannebrog was built at the Naval Dockyard in Copenhagen.
The ship’s hull is a riveted steel construction on transverse frames. The ship has a clipper stem and an elliptic stern. 
The Royal accommodation comprises studies for the Queen and The Prince Consort, a dining salon, a lounge, the bedroom, etc. They have taken a personal interest in fitting out the vessel and the choice of furnishings.

The Royal Apartment contains furniture and fittings from the previous 1879 Royal vessel.
A major overhaul was carried out in 1980/81 to extend the life of the yacht beyond the turn of the century. Having now passed that point, the 75-year-old yacht is still in excellent condition, with major improvements including replacement of the yacht’s main engines.