No Better Time to Buy a Brokerage Yacht

“There really is not going to be a better time to buy a brokerage yacht,” says top broker Tim Wiltshire a director with London based Burgess.

Using cocktail sticks on a drinks table at a SuperYacht industry evening business function to fashion a rough and ready graph illustrating his financial explanations he explained to his attentive audience, “The cost of building new cannot get any lower than it already is at the moment, not without a shipyard taking risks and who wants to buy from a yard that may go bankrupt while building your yacht?”

“The brokerage market on the other hand has pushed prices down by at least 40% from what they were at their height and I do not think they will get lower than that.”

“So the time to buy is now. As to when might be too late for the best deal, it is difficult for me to say but I do not think it will get any cheaper than now.”


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