Magnificent Marmaris

European holiday-goers have turned this once-quaint fishing town into a bustling, and somewhat over developed tourist destination of sprawling resorts and crowded beaches.

We chose not to stop on our trip aboard E&E but that does not mean that the more discerning traveler will not find the reasons why visitors came in the first place.

Not the least of these is, of course, the protected bay and its picturesque setting, surrounded by pine-covered hills and long, sandy beaches; a day or two spent swimming, scuba diving, water- skiing, jet-skiing, and kayaking from the yacht would not be amiss.

If you do arrive by superyacht go ashore in search of lively nightlife, bustling water- front restaurants, and beach boutique shopping, but head over to nearby Içmeler, on a more sheltered cove, if you’re looking for the area’s best (and less crowded) beach.

Indeed, explore the nearby inlets and you may find a quiet beach to call your own for the afternoon, scenic vistas along which to go hiking, and quiet towns that resemble Marmaris before the tourists arrived.

Back in Marmaris, be sure to pay a visit to the Castle Museum, behind the busy bazaar, where you’ll get some of the best views of the city and the bay.

Thanks to Edmiston for helpful notes on Marmaris

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