Cannot Sell the Yacht? Then Why Not Auction it?

Col. John N Giles, a yacht Broker and licensed auctioneer has used his past and present Yacht Broker experience to develop and offer a web site that assists Yacht Brokers with the sale of listings that have languished in their inventory because of unrealistic Seller’s or deals they cannot put together because of a trade-in that is unrealistically priced by the person who wants to trade towards your listing.

In today’s economic climate they have sellers who would like to expedite a sale to cut their losses in a slow economy and in many cases preserve their credit worthiness, but are unable to do so because they owe more than their vessel is worth.

Giles believes his past experience in the vessel liquidation industry qualifies him as a mitigator to work with owners and lenders in a short sale or refinance at a lower rate.

During the housing boom many home owners borrowed against the inflated equity of their houses and bought luxury items such as yachts and boats and are now looking to liquidate those toys.

“They are the ones,” he says, “who you lose when they do not see any action on their vessel for sale.  You also lose the ones who have their vessel repossessed and taken from your listing and given to a Liquidator.  My site is designed to stop this from happening to you.  You can help your clients now, keep your listings and offer a financial solution without jeopardizing their valued credit rating.”

Vessels sold through are subject to a 3 ½% sales fee, a direct sale by the Broker/Dealer has no fee payable.  Co-listings supplied are subject to pre-agreed fees.

Assignment of vessels from either a Lender or Qualified Seller will be assigned as Co Brokerage to Associate Brokers in the network.  Qualifications will apply.

The firm is not a brokerage nor is it a repossessor; it is a marketing site for vessels seriously for sale.  They are fully licensed as yacht and ship brokers in the State of Florida Lic# 1508 and Licensed Auctioneer Lic# AU 4320. is a registered USA Trademark.