Edmiston Becomes CEO of David Linley Holdings

Following a £4m investment by the British yacht broker Jamie Edmiston, son of Nick Edmiston the founder of the yacht brokerage company that bears their name, he has been appointed CEO of David Linley Holdings the bespoke furniture and interior design business started by the son of the late Princess Margaret and her then husband Lord Snowdon.

Edmiston Junior had already acquired a 60% holding in the firm last year when Viscount Linley sought cash following the departure of an earlier backer the Russian Oligarch Sergei Pugachev.

Pugachev, nicknamed by some as the Cashier to the Kremlin, had earlier loaned some the company £400,000 but quit the board of Linley in August last year following a fall out with the Viscount.

Edmiston then paid an undisclosed sum for a part share in the luxury goods suppliers, with shops in Belgravia and Mayfair.

Following a re branding Linleys was re-launched in September 2011 at the Monaco Yacht Show when it was announced the company had formed a collaboration with his family’s superyacht brokerage business and had plans to expand into Europe.

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