Piracy a Real Threat to Yachts Visiting the Gulf

Having arrived in Dubai to report on Superyachts in the Middle East culminating in a visit to the Dubai Boat Show we learn that piracy is a real threat that is stopping many superyachts sailing between the Mediterranean and the Gulf area.

But Erwin Bamps, Chief Operating Officer of local boat builders Gulf Craft has told us that the threat is having little impact on boat sales in the UAE.

He says, “Most yacht owners here tend to keep their vessels in the Gulf or off the coast of Oman.

He believes that the yachting culture here in the Gulf iss different from that in the Mediterranean.

He said, “In Europe, owners tended to cruise along a coastline for two weeks at a time, whereas most yacht trips in the Gulf last less than a day. Most people here only use their yacht to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. They see yachts as a floating properties as an alternative to high-end dining.”