Malta Continues to Investigate Superyacht Yard Corruption Allegations

From the Malta Times we learn that the chairman of the privatisation unit has told the courts in Malta yesterday that he always believed that the best offer in the bid for tenders in the shipyards super yachts facility privatisation process was that placed by the Spanish company Astilleros rather than the French company SYC.

Testifying for two-and-a-half hours in the compilation of evidence against former Mimcol chief executive Mario Mizzi yesterday, the chairman of the privatisation unit, Manuel Ellul, said he believed in the Spanish company’s bid even before British super yachts expert Sue Hall said that the French company’s was not technically competent.

Mr Ellul said he always trusted Mr Mizzi and was surprised to have heard that he was being questioned by the police over allegations made by the leader of the Opposition in parliament.

The chairman of the privatisation unit said he had panicked at first and thought that there was some irregularity. However, having analysed the situation, he saw that this wasn’t the case and even Mr Mizzi’s evaluation of the tender was a good one.

He said that what bothered him was the way the police had treated him the second time he had gone to speak to the commissioner and other officers. He said they had made it seem like he had something to hide and that he was some criminal.

Mr Ellul said the police had made it seem like his unit was some gang and he had offered his resignation to the finance minister.

The case continues.