Philippe Starck Creates Electric Car for Superyachts.

Superyacht designer Philippe Starck has created an electric car for use aboard superyachts.

He did so at the Geneva Auto Show unveiling the “V+ Volteis by Starck”. 

He was at pains to suggest his electric automobile is not a golf cart. He said,
“I wanted to offer an alternative. A different answer to return to the minimalist definition to a vehicle. A simple vehicle with just 4 wheels, a steering wheel and electricity to power it.” 

The V+ is in deed very basic with seats made of PVC cord, fabric roof and wicker-like basket to carry equipment. Seat belts, airbags and almost anything else are nowhere to be seen.

It can however top out at 40 mph or so we are told but given all that the $40,000 vehicle from Mr. Starck looks to us very much like a golf cart.

What do you think?


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