The Superyacht UK Design Awards Winner Announced

Walking away with an award, the opportunity to showcase his portfolio to industry representatives and compete on an international stage in further competitions is Daniel Humphreys a 3rd year product design student at Plymouth University who has won The Superyacht UK Design competition.

Part of his prize is to represent British design talent at the Seatec Abitare La Barca Concept Award that will be held in Italy next month.

The Superyacht UK Design Awards competition is only open by invitation. Chosen universities select candidates from their students, whose current portfolios reflect the ethos of the Superyacht UK objective to promote British excellence.

Daniel whose portfolio covers everything from cement mixers to superyachts was awarded the prize at the Superyacht UK seminar that was run alongside the London Boat Show.
His freehand drawing skills will be put to the test when he competes against Italian students to create a design for a boat of between 3 and 6 metres over all.  The design must feature eco-friendly propulsion and can be mono or multi hulled.

The boat is to be built to a design, which involves the use of natural materials, either recycled or recyclable, for every single component.  Its use may range from pleasure, fishing to complementary facilities at private beach facilities. Particular attention should be paid to the safety and reliability that a small versatile boat should always have.

Part of the British Marine Federation Superyacht UK’s objectives are to actively promote the role of British Excellence throughout the world, and to provide greater co-ordination for the industry while providing support to UK member companies.

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