3rd Amendment to MCA LY2 will Never Happen

Those waiting for the long overdue 3rd amendment to the MCA’s Large Yacht Code 2 (LY2) need hold their breath no longer.  There is not going to be one!

The amendment has been cancelled and instead the MCA will push forward to publish a brand new LY3 in time for the Monaco Boat Show in September 2012.
The UK General Election of May 2010 was just one of the reasons given for the decision not to push ahead with the amendment as was the new government’s policy of “one in, one out” when it comes to new legislation.  The edict that no new legislation should be allowed to add additional financial burden tothe industry simply added to the decision.
LY3 will, when it is launched, incorporate many changes not least of which will be the inclusion of MLC 2006 substantial equivalence for crew accommodation.
All other amendments result from the MCA’s experience in applying LY2, Edition 2, Industry feedback, Accidents and the need to clarify some text and correct errors.