Baltic Sea is Attracting More Superyachts

The Baltic Sea is becoming a new and upcoming superyacht cruising destination.  It not just complements the Mediterranean as a completely different cruising destination off the beaten tracks but also attracts its visitors with an elaborated network of all kinds of reasonably priced onshore service providers like:

  • Superyacht agents
  • Shipyards
  • Repair shops
  • Shipping companies

Not only is the summer season worth spending in the Baltic. In winter harbours and marinas allow for long-time berthing either in water or in a dry dock.
The Tamsen Maritim shipyard in Rostock, offers winter refits or any other repair or service work.
The city of Rostock is the ideal stop over for yachts coming from or leaving for the Mediterranean or the Caribbean.

Specialised in servicing yachts up to 150 m with facilities for general repair, the service includes the organisation of mooring berths, bunkering and other ship supplies, handling of any formalities as well as crew support.