Christmas Cards by E Mail

As the holiday season gets nearer so the e mail in box begins to fill with messages and pictures of Christmas cheer.

Greetings are sent to us here by just about every superyacht supplier that we know and we are grateful to be included on their lists of recipients.

There is however a trend that is beginning to emerge.  Many suppliers say that instead of sending Christmas cards they are instead making a donation to charity.

In other words people are using it as an excuse not to send a real card but at the same card are not saying how much they are giving to Charity.

We believe that if you say you are donating the money to charity instead of sending out Christmas Cards then you should say how much you have given to charity and name that charity in the process.

For those who seek to donate to causes Megayacht has a list of deserving causes with a maritime feel to them including

Others include