Say Good Bye to the M Notice in a Printed Format

As of 31 March 2012, M-Notice Subscriptions printed on paper will be discontinued.
The MCA has carried out two informal consultations, which have shown broad support for the move to a fully digital service.
They say at the same time there has been a significant and sustained decline in the number of subscribers to the MCA’s paper M Notice distribution service.
Given the UK Government’s shift to digital services, the Agency believes that the time is now right to stop the paid-for paper M Notice subscription service, and move fully to a free email subscription service.
The email will contain links to M Notices in electronic format.
M Notices will continue to be made available electronically on the MCA website and in paper form through the TSO biennial M-Notice compendium.
M Notice subscribers who still need printed M Notices would need to make their own arrangements for printing.