Yacht Carbon Offset wins 2011 ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award

photo credit:  Copyright 2011, ISS/Pamela Jones Photography.
Beating off competition from other nominees Yacht Carbon Offset has been awarded the 2011 ISS Fabien Cousteau Blue Award for Design and Leadership.

    The award, that has created to celebrate stewardship of marine ecosystems, was presented by Fabien Cousteau.
    The panel of judges,  commented: “Any inaugural year of an award is an exciting and engaging process. To have Fabien Cousteau’s support, reputation and direct involvement in the development and implementation of the award both lends credibility to the award itself and challenges the judges to weigh the merits of the outstanding nominees. Considerable deliberation and an eye toward the expansion of the very nature of the product and company were given to the 2011 nominees.  Ultimately the ability of Yacht Carbon Offset to immediately promote environmental responsibility won the day.”
    Mark Robinson MD of Yacht Carbon Offset said: “It is a great honour and a major milestone for the company to be recognised in this way; we are elated to have been chosen as the 2011 recipient. We thank the judges and Fabien Cousteau for their appreciation of the relevance of carbon offsetting to the ocean stewardship agenda. This is an action available to all yachts. We accept this award acknowledging the leading yacht owners, charterers, captains and professionals that have decided to balance their carbon footprint.” 
    Yacht Carbon Offset provides a specialist service for those that own and enjoy the world’s leading superyachts.