Ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 continues to gather pace

The ratification of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC 2006) continues to gather pace as the number of confirmed countries has risen to seventeen with a further three pending.

The three pending countries have only to confirm how they will meet certain aspects under Title 4 of the convention. This means that two thirds of the required ratifications has been achieved.

The UK Tri-partite working group, in association with the Professional Yachtsmen’s Association, recently held a two-day seminar for “shipowners” at the Novotel Hotel in Monaco to deliver the UK take on the MLC 2006.

The event was attended by over fifty people and was the first of its kind to be held specifically for those working in the yacht industry.

All commercially registered yachts will have to comply with the MLC 2006 when it enters into force.

Estimates suggest that 80% of yachts that charter are under 500 gross tons. Most of these yachts are managed directly by their owners and they will clearly be at a disadvantage compared with larger yachts that already have to comply with other legislation.

The individually operated charter yacht owner will certainly find the new convention challenging to apply, and some owners will undoubtedly decide to change to private use where the number of charter days is small.

For those who decide to stay commercial the recommendation of John Cook
 at Lesia Employment Services ICC Limited is to get advice as soon as possible and start planning for MLC 2006.