Video Footage of Superyacht Godspeed Destroyed by Fire

An Italian Video Blogger has posted a 30 minute and somewhat disturbing video of the superyacht Godspeed as she burned to become a constructive total loss while at anchor off the town of Santa Teresa di Riva, in Messina, Sicily on August 8th.
The yacht was a Westport 130 and was built in 2005.
In the video, which has obviously been edited down for easier watching, viewers can see how black smoke begins to billow from the port side in the area where the engine room dampers are situated.
What makes the video interesting however is the fact that at no time are crew seen on deck either fighting the fire or leaving the yacht but unconfirmed reports suggest that all persons who had been on board earlier where safe after the incident.
Also strangely, at the beginning of the film, other craft seem to pass the stricken yacht without action but as the entire scene is never totally in view it is impossible to gain an accurate picture of what is going on
The video eventually shows black smoke becoming flames, which then totally engulf the yacht and burn out the entire accommodation block.
Miraculously, despite the volume of water that appears to have been pumped into her by the attending fire tug, she remains afloat at the end of the video.
There is no commentary on the film, which is shot by a static camera attended occasionally.  In the background a photographer is heard taking still shots.
A second film has been  uploaded onto YouTube


  1. Hi I work for westport shipyard and have for a number of years we are all shocked to see one of our boats burn and we try to build the best that we can always improving our boats and now all of our boats have newly designed fire packages in our engine rooms to try and prevent such a disaster. The fact that it didn’t burn to the water line or sink with all the water pumped inside her just goes to show how tough our boats are and we as a company are very proud of that

  2. Most early Westport 130’s were not fitted with a fire main, only portable extinguishers.
    They were not built/outfitted to any classification society standards.
    Having said that, no MCA basic trained crew are realistically qualified and experienced enough to fight an established fire aboard a GRP mega yacht. Most crew have an STCW95 1 day course and no practical experience.
    The Captain and engineer should have a 5 day advanced fire fighting course, but the Captain should be deck side controlling/ managing the scene.
    As a Mega yacht Captain do you really think I would send a 20yr old deckhand with a 1 day course and zero experience, risk his/her life, to put out an established fire on an insured, ‘rich mans toy’ – think again!
    I praise the Captain for getting his crew off safely!

  3. As a Chief engineer who’s fought and defeated a very large engine room fire, I would expect you, as a Captain, to look for and employ crew who’s skills were above the bare minimum required. Your life and your guests lives may one day depend on it. Next time it happens it may be somewhere it isn’t convenient or safe to get off and watch it burn.

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