Superyacht Management Experts in High Demand

There has been a surge in interest from yacht owners in the Far East seeking to place their superyachts under the management companies set up to offer this service professionally.
Yacht Managers at Fraser Yachts have witnessed a steady rise in our yacht management fleet over the last three years. This is to be expected as yacht owners have sought to control their costs and ensure that the vessel is being crewed, operated and equipped as efficiently as possible.
Mangers believe this trend is ongoing, reporting that Yacht owners from the Middle East and Russia have been increasingly reliant on yacht management services but the latest significant growth comes from clients in the Far East.
Asian owners expect a very high level of service and they use their vessels in a different way from the traditional profile.
So different is the style that Fraser Yachts have created a new style of yacht management dedicated to the Far Eastern market, where the owners undertake a lot of corporate entertainment, they require Asian levels of service, they’re faced with a limited yachting infrastructure and often prefer non-Western crew.

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