Who Would Like a Superyacht Interior Refit for Free


We know of a superyacht interior contractor firm who has been invited by Esquire Magazine to lead the design for the Ultimate Yacht 2012. They are looking to find that yacht as soon as possible as the launch date is the Autumn of 2012.

The goal is to transform the interior of an existing yacht into one of the most state-of-the art, innovative and creative spaces ever designed for luxury living at sea. The refit is significantly funded and supported by major luxury  brands through sponsorships and donated product.

Philanthropy also plays a huge part as major red carpet events, fundraisers and industry galas on the yacht will raise money for many different charities.

Over the past eight years, Esquire has successfully transformed the interiors of four New York penthouses and four LA mansions to the highest level of luxury. They have also raised to date over $8,000,000 for charity.

2012 marks Esquire’s ten year anniversary and they want to do it bigger and better than ever.

Last year the $2.1 million Ultimate LA Esquire House transformation was completed with approximately $1.2 million in donated state-of-the-art product, luxury items, furniture, electronics and more. The owner’s investment was $800,000 out of the total $2.1 Million renovation.

The Ultimate Yacht 2012 represents design, innovation, philanthropy and celebrity at its best, and can live on well after the event ends. It is promised to be one of the most exciting projects ever to be launched in the luxury superyacht industry.

If you can think of a boat and owner who would be a great match, please let us know so that we can put you in touch with the designers.