Mediterranean base For Pendennis in Palma

The British shipyard Pendennis has announced the opening of a new technical refit office and workshop in the busy Mediterranean port of Palma.

More than just a sales office the new facility that opens this Summer will be based in STP in central Palma and will provide an extension to the UK based company’s facilities and services.

The company plan to locate a dedicated full time project manager from the UK to work there. 

He will be responsible for the running of an office and a workshop facility within STP

Targeting the ports large superyacht community, Pendennis will focus on providing support to yachts looking for short works and running repairs.

The company already has a strong presence in Palma, with a large number of  clients calling the port home, as well as links with several respected sub-contractors.

Situated within the port of Palma de Mallorca within easy walking distance of the City centre and attractions, STP are the operators of the shipyard facility in Mallorca.
This facility consists of 55,000 m2 of hard standing for vessels up to 60m, and more than 50 berths for vessels up to 90m. These facilities are for the repair and maintenance of yachts by the many local professional businesses.