Timesaving Solutions for Production Yacht Builders

Boat builders around the world are turning to New Zealand for a small yet essential component for a fast, time saving solution to production construction.
It comes from Fastmount a company that specialises in panel mounting systems based in Auckland.
Production boatbuilders around the world are purchasing the patented award winning clip fasteners by the tens of thousands.
The neat and nifty self-tapping clip set is used throughout the UK built Sunseeker range to fix panels into position. It is particularly popular where all panels that need to be accessed by crew are fixed to the superyachts structure using the two part clipping system.
Graham Lodge, development manager at Sunseeker, says: With our extensive range of yachts it was essential for us to source a complete panel securing system that would provide exceptional ease of installation and removability with perfect panel alignment every time. Since introducing the Fastmount system in 2006 we have proved that the build teams here at Sunseeker have saved us both time and money using this highly versatile securing system, with its endless applications for both inside and outside spaces.
Fastmount has provided Sunseeker with a complete solution in securing deckhead ceiling and wall panels and even cockpit upholstery.
Their service and dealer networks around the world are now able to remove and replace panels with confidence, knowing that they will not break and fit back perfectly into place when they finish their work.
Fastmount recently demonstrated their versatility outside the marine world as they begin to explore other markets.  At BuildNZ a building and Construction exhibition the company won Best Product of the Show Award demonstrating quite how versatile the clever little clip is.