Piracy – Some Figures That Stagger

Editor of both Maritime Professional and MarineNews the print magazines Joseph Keefe is also the lead commentator of MaritimeProfessional.com, the largest business networking site devoted to the marine industry. Each day thousands of industry professionals around the world log on to network, connect, and communicate.  Recently he wrote a blog in which he highlighted some staggering numbers concerning piracy.  Here are just some of them:
  • 445: Total number of global piracy attacks in all of 2010. This year’s numbers are on a pace to eclipse that number by a wide margin. Source: IMB Reporting Center. 
  • 439: Total number of mariners being held hostage by so-called pirates as of June 13 2011. 
  • 243: Total Number of Global Piracy/Armed robbery incidents reported in 2011 through until 13 June 2011. At this pace, that number would top 500 by year’s end. Sobering thought, indeed.
  • 154: Total Number of Piracy/Armed robbery incidents reported in Somalia region alone through 13 June 2011.
  • 23: Total number of merchant vessels being held by pirates as of June 13.
  • 8: total number of mariners killed in piracy incidents in all of 2010. Source: IMB Reporting Center.
  • 7: Number of seafarer deaths at the hands of pirates in less than six months of 2011 alone; all in the Somalia region

So much for pirates being non-violent criminals…