Don’t Tell us that Blogging About Superyachts Does Not Work

On December 13th this blog carried a story entitled The iPad Invades Superyachts.
To test the blog was running a Google search was made using the words iPad Superyachts and after 0.27 sec the search engine had found a few matches mostly to do with iPads or superyachts but otherwise very few direct hits.
A few days later the story began to appear on other blogs and Web sites.
Yesterday news became to appear on Blogs and Internet news sites that Grammy Awards winner, Sean, P Diddy Combs has chartered the yacht at $600,000 a week
Today if you Google the words iPad and Superyachts the figure is 676,000 in 0.24 seconds.
Now we learn from the Luxury Yacht Group, the company who manage the superyacht Solemates about which the original piece was written, have been contacted by CNN Mainsail who are going to run the story tomorrow on their Web site which they say will attract 500,000 hits.
Yes we acknowledge this was not the first site to talk of iPads and superyachts but we can track the fact that the story has truly gone viral as a result of our blog on December 13th
Thank you for reading