Superyacht Sinks in Thailand

Photo Chanat Katanyu/Bangkok Post
Shortly after its launch into the Tha Chin River in Bangkok, Thailand a 60 metre yacht converted from an older vessel by Ruea Yachts began to sink.  There is much speculation as to what happened and why the yacht should have behaved in such a fashion but until full investigations have been completed there is little of substance to report further.

Attempts to right the vessel were unsuccessful and she has been pictured in a semi submerged state on the banks of the river.

A Statement from the Owner’s Representative and Yacht Solutions, the company responsible for the yachts reconstruction referred to the yacht as Fox.  It said: “Due to reasons as yet unknown the 60 metre Motor Yacht Fox sadly partially sank as she was launched from the slipway at a Bangkok shipyard where she had undergone a major refit.

Surveyors and insurance companies are now assessing the damage to see how best the vessel can be salvaged.

All parties concerned in the refit who have expended a huge amount of time and effort into the project are devastated and respectfully request that the incident is not discussed, or publicised in any way beyond this statement.”

The statement continued, “At this point in time there is little point in surmising, speculating or guessing what went wrong as a full investigation is still ongoing and a full report of the facts will be known upon conclusion of that investigation.”