The iPad Invades Superyachts

We rather suspect that Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, had little idea of the impact his company’s iPad device would have on the SuperYacht World but as we tour superyacht shows around the world we cannot help but notice the iPad has already sets its make in the SuperYacht Business and is about to get bigger as more and more developers write apps for the natty little gadget.

Remember when super salesmen sold news paper download and enormous printers to superyacht Captains just so that their owners could read the newspaper at breakfast.  Forget it the iPad has got that covered with its daily selection from all the top titles from around the world.

Remember when staying in a guest cabin aboard a superyacht while on a charter you struggled with the device to control the entertainment system?  Try and load Sense and Sensibility onto the TV and first, the blinds went up, then the lights went on and the air conditioning plunged the temperature below sub zero as you tried to get the hang of how to use the handheld device.  By the end of the two week charter you had mastered it but fact is, you will have used a lot of cuss words in the meantime!

Well now you can forget that too!  Superyachts such as Solemates the 60 metre Lurssen new build have thrown away the concept of complicated communicators and have instead opted for the iPad.  Captain Glynn Smith the yachts Captain hands each guest his own iPad upon joining the yacht.  It is theirs to keep while they are guests.  Using the single device they can read the paper, watch a movie on it or instruct the TV in the cabin to display it on the big screen.  They can lower the lights in the cabin, raise the curtains in the morning to watch the sunrise and can when out on deck use the device to call one of the yachts ever attentive stewardesses in order to request.

Impressive yes and at $500 compared to $20,000, it also makes good SuperYacht Business sense.