Antigua Charter Yacht Show Sailing Day

Maltese Falcon and Necker Belle leaving Falmouth Harbour
This year the Antigua Charter Yacht Show has been extended by one day. It gives charter brokers and yachting journalists the opportunity to sample a mini or micro charter.

On Saturday morning we drove back to Falmouth. Frances joined the four masted Phocea and Michael boarded the catamaran Necker Belle. We both set sail from Falmouth Harbour onto a well behaved sea and 15 knots of wind.

Captain Chris Gartner of the three masted Perini Navi Maltese Falcon was away ahead of us, hoisting his square sails at the harbour entrance. One by one he rounded on departing yachts circling each of them in a wonderful demonstration of what a superb sailing machine she is.
Necker Belle approaching Carlisle Bay
Richard Kellett, Captain of Necker Belle lost little time in hoisting her main and headsail. She was creaming along at nearly 10 knots herself when Maltese Falcon shot past under full sail to starboard and cheekily crossed ahead.

Phocea made a slower departure, her deep draught demanding caution in the shallow waters around her berth. With consummate skill Captain Juergen Mais took us off the dock and into deeper waters to raise the sails. We might have been last to leave but we were first to arrive in Carlisle Bay .

No sooner was the anchor down than everyone was in the water for a pre-lunch swim. The diving board on Necker Belle was put to good use with guests gleefully, and at times gracefully, entering the warm blue water.
Phocea departing Carlisle Bay and raising her sails

Lunch in the sun aboard Phocea was a five course feast, splendidly presented by Chef Alexander Frey and sous Chef Rogelio Gantuangco. Aboard Necker Belle it was a more casual, but no less delicious buffet. After lunch all the yachts sailed back to Falmouth and we returned to Hermitage Bay.

Maltese Falcon and Necker Belle charter through Burgess, and Phocea through Fraser Yachts.
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