Fifth Day of the Antigua Charter Yacht Show

Silver Cloud at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show

One of the more intriguing of yachts here at the Antigua Charter Yacht Show is Silver Cloud the 41 metre SWATH yacht built by Abeking Rasmussen.
Built for world exploration. She is the complete opposite in style, looks and characteristics of Exuma the Picchiotti yacht reviewed by us in a recent edition of SuperYacht World.
Where Exuma is long lean and slippery Silver Cloud is wide and chunky. The hull of Exuma is finished to a silvered sheen in which you can see your face. The dark blue hulls of Silver Cloud are an unfared finish, reminiscent of the commercial craft she was built to mimic.
Both are however the pride and joy of their respective owners and both were here at the show with their yachts. Despite having so very much in common with each other, neither had met the other and we very, very honoured to make introductions.
Exuma is available for charter through Fraser Yachts whilst Silver Cloud can be chartered through Camper & Nicholsons International
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