At Tucker Point Hotel

Flying in a British Airways Boeing 777 that must be on the point of drawing it’s pension we left Gatwick and landed on time in Bermuda.

If Superyachts were this old they would have been through several major refits. Cabin crew try and tell us it is just twelve years old but twenty might be nearer the mark.

A quaint video screen the size of a cigarette box and no winglets on the wings all point to an aircraft well past it’s sell by date. It’s even got ash trays in the armrests!

Anoraks can look it up, it’s registration letters are G-VIIA! Still the important stuff, like the engines, all seemed in perfect order and that after all is what is really important.

From the airport in Bermuda were transferred by limousine to the Tucker Point Hotel, our hosts for the next two days. The hotel resort and residence complex is great deal more stylish and a lot cleaner than the battered 777. It is the height of luxury set in 200 acres of waterfront land, offering breathtaking views of Castle Harbour and the Atlantic Ocean. Not that we play but it comes complete with it’s own championship golf course.

Our room is superb, the view magnificent and the welcome warm. The huge bath cried out for a refreshing wallow and the bed definitely beckoned.

Tomorrow we begin work interviewing those in Bermuda involved in the SuperYacht industry. Our report will be published in issue 19 of SuperYacht Business magazine

Transport to and from the island from the has been graciously provided by Prestige Holidays on our press trip organised by Rooster PR the consultants to the Bermuda Tourist Authority who are our hosts

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