Superyachts the Inside Picture

The interior of Kolaha the 63 metre yacht from ISA was designed by Patrick Knowles who has just released a new Web site and pictures of the treatment he has given to the yacht.  Described as “Key West-styled” it incorporates clever use of natural materials featuring tropical influences such as palm wood, coconut shells, hand-carved glass sea creatures, and carved doors convey the feeling of a tropical paradise in every room. Each of the lower-deck stateroom suites features its own theme (Hibiscus, Orchid, Palm and Bamboo) all reflected in the hand-carved wood panels, cabinets, colorful paintings and custom woven carpets, hand-made of wool and silk.
Appealing to all five senses, Knowles has used splashes of soothing colours to evoke the open ocean and lush fabrics offset by warm scents of magnolia and green tea and playful Polynesian music in the air.
A specialty cocktail was even created to give the owners and their guests a truly unique experience. Stunning displays of artwork range from vibrant murals of tropical plants to a one of a kind 30-foot-tall light fixture of Murano glass within the stairwell that connects all three decks.
Externally the design incorporates the owner’s request to have easy access to the sea and the chance to enjoy the open air.  A large sundeck is divided into focus points including a large pool, bar and sunbathing area situated forward, and panoramic seating area with large comfortable sofas to the aft.
The 63m superyacht also offers a beach club area, where owners and guests enjoy the sea. The adjoining garage also provides a wide, open space when the tenders are launched.