Chartering Sailboats in Oman

Oman may seem like an unlikely place to charter a yacht but if Tor Peebles  the manager of Oman Charter has his way that may well change.
Oman Charter was started by a British sailing enthusiast Tor a man keen to make the unique and dramatic waters of Oman and its islands more accessible for others to explore.
His message is come and sail with us and enjoy the wonderland of marine wildlife in this exclusive, historic and often surprising part of the World.
His company aims to provide a high quality on board experience for those exploring the remote and secluded coastline and islands that provide a real challenge for experienced sailors wanting to venture beyond normal sailing circuits or modest sailors and divers in pursuit of abundant, exotic and largely undisturbed marine life.
Oman Charter is an Anglo-Omani venture that combines extensive European sailing experience around UK and the Mediterranean with Omani local knowledge of the Coast, local customs and culture, on the spectacular, historic Omani coast.
Based in Marina Bandar al Rowdha the company started running quality day excursions to local historical sites and for snorkelling, fishing and dolphin watching and now has a fleet of sailboats that can be hired with or without crew.
It has expanded to provide quality yacht charters further afield whilst retaining the benefits of both local Omani staff and very experienced yachtsmen.

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