The Syvota Islands aboard Montigne

The three islands are in fact some distance from the town of Syvota on the Greek mainland and because of their position in the Bay of Mourtu they are often given the name of the Mourtu Islands. They are popular because they offer a plethora of sheltered anchorages.

Ashore the area has grown as a tourist hotspots with all the good things that brings mixed in with all the bad. It pays to study the charts, read the sailing directions and learn what you can from the tourist information brochures.

The town of Mourtu has a newly built harbour used mostly by local craft. The town and Harbour front has been developed in a sympathetic fashion but ares of what must have been pretty beaches have become over developed. Sand Bar Bay being just one such example.

Montigne anchored in End Bay an anchorage separated from others by a golden but somewhat over crowded sand spit.

Montigne carries up to 12 guests and is available to charter through Ocean Independence this summer in the Mediterranean at a rate of 140,000 euros per week .