Our Cruising Area aboard Montigne

Montigne at anchor off Corfu

Corfu is one of seven islands in the Ionian Sea and lies just 70 miles across the Straits of Corfu from the heel of Italy

The Ionian derives it’s name from Io, a one time mistress of Zeus who, to protect her from his wife Hera, turned her into a beautiful white cow. Jealous of the relationship Hera sent a gadfly to torment the cow who in a bid to rid herself from it jumped into what is now the Ionian Sea.

The islands of the Ionian do not fit the Greek stereotype of sunburned rocks dotted with whitewashed houses and multi-sailed windmills.

Instead it is a melting pot of French and Italian style mixed with a healthy dose of British interference. Believe it or not, locals on Corfu play cricket, sell current buns and drink Ginger beer.

The best time to visit are between May and October, but in July and August the area can be blighted with strong afternoon winds that do not die down until after dinner. This fact can make an evening anchorage a little uncomfortable unless chosen with care based on experience and local knowledge. Fortunately for us sailing aboard Montigne, Captain Richard Felton has both of these attributes by the hatful.

Montigne carries up to 12 guests and is available to charter through Ocean Independence this summer in the Mediterranean at a rate of 140,000 euros per week .