Playing with super yacht Montigne’s toys

We left our anchorage after a splendid breakfast of fresh fruits and freshly baked breads and sailed south down the western side of Corfu. Discreet pockets of tourist development splatter this coast where the terrain permits but otherwise from the sea the island looks as it must have done for centuries, lush green slopes falling down to the shore and ending with forbidding grey rocky cliffs. The Colour of this cliffs changes from grey to white the further south we steam.

Our destination is one of the two off lying islands immediately south of Corfu. They are called Paxoi and the smaller of the two carries the diminutive name Antipaxoi. We sail the full length of Paxoi and turn to port to pass north of Antipaxoi and then to port again as we head up to the islands main town of Gaios on the islands east coast.

We anchor in Limin Paxon, a pretty cove in front of the town. The cove is divided into two by Nikolaos an island and the narrow shallow channel that connects is just crying out to be explored using kayaks carried abroad Montigne.

The island of Paxoi is five miles long by just two wide lies seven miles south of Corfu. It is famous as the island that supplied olive oil to the London store Harrods for exclusive sale under their own lable. More recently day trip boats have delivered tourists and the small Harbour has expanded to cater for an increasing fleet of island hopping cruising folk.

One mile further south is Antipaxoi whose main attraction lies in the fact that it is hard to reach except by private yacht and therefore the islands small beaches and tiny Tavernas attract an attractive crowd especially at the weekend.

Montigne carries up to 12 guests and is available to charter through Ocean Independence this summer in the Mediterranean at a rate of 140,000 euros per week .

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